Business Process Modeling

Business process modeling (BPM) at CaseMicro engages it's Business Analysts and SME to analyze current processes and it's interdependencies. We study enterprise data collection and various other dependent or independent resources to create workflow that suite our customer need and simplify their business process.
We Implement Change management and best practices to deploy these enhancements in BPM. Our main objective is to identify how much manual work in management, Operational and Supporting processes area can be automated or how many of them can be optimized to achieve the following.

  • To Increase the process speed.
  • To reduce Human Error & miscommunication.
  • To reduce Cycle time.
  • To Increase the quality.
  • To reduce various cost.
We use various and the latest BPM tools in modeling and simulation such as Use case Diagrams, Activity Diagrams, BPMN, CASE Tools, RUP and several programming languages such as Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) etc.

Our Experties in BPM

We utilize business process Automation techniques (BPA) with effective Change management to convert different systems and it's data into meanig full actionable processes. These well defined processes are more usefull to your business needs and efficiently managable and very easy to change menagement.
We work with organization to re think how they do their work or how one of their core business segment works and what we should do change it to have a dramatic change one of their core buziness area, such as a remarkable improvement in sakes or production etc..
We have adopted a systematic approach to analyse all activities
in three areas Management, Operational and Supporting processes of BPM and make them more effective and robust to adopt ever changing business need.

As we all know every process enhancement involves some changes in the organization either on Process level or Structural or Cultural level. And any change is hard to accept and difficult to implement. To overcome this we involve stake holders and end users early in the process and keeping them engaged in various change lifecycle. At the same time we plan a robust training to improce their skills that might be needed because of the change.



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