Datamodeling & Design.

Data Base Design & development

Database Design is one of those tasks where we are very careful in getting all the major aspects just right. We live in the age of Data that drives our businesses and economy.  A wrong planning and design will be a night mare especially in the middle of a project. Following are the major Tasks where we pay our maximum attention in the entire life cycle of DB design and development.

Planning : Weather done mostly upfront through a more traditional approach or in stages through the Agile approach Our Data Architect and DBA have excellence in perfection in keeping data security, Access Control, data integrity, DB size estimation, OLTP or Decision Support, and system performance.

Objects Identification & Modeling : This is another important task to indentify a tangible or non tangible key objects or Entities that will manage the DB and model them. We make them visible using varios Data modeling diagrams and tools. Such as Entity model diagram, Etity relational diagrams etc..

Documentation : Starting from a DB to all of it’s object to a simple data item, If they are not properly documented, then this will be very difficult to  maintain or alter them as requirement changes. It is a general perception that documentation has nothing to do with the design itself, but it has everything thing to do with communicating that design and making it accessible in the future. Lack of documentation is one of the major cause of delay in various application enhancement and maintenance and change management.

We follow industry standard techniques and best practices to model a DB. Following are the rest of the task in this series that we perform in building a robust DB systems and applications based on them.

  Gathering Meta Data
  Just right Normalization
  Proper Indexing
  De-Normalization (If required)

Our Experties.

We are capable of designing and developing DB systems in almost every industry standard Relational DB systems. Few examples are Oracle, SQL servers, Sybase, DB3, Oracle 12C, SAP Hannah etc..
We work with organization to re think how they do their work or how one of their core business segment works and what we should do change it to have a dramatic change one of their core buziness area, such as a remarkable improvement in sakes or production etc..

Toad for Oracle, Toad dataPoint, SQL tool Belt. Viso DB desigining tool. Entity Relation Diagram, Data Flow Diagram etc..

CMS develops Web Services like Restful, SOAP, XML and WSDL using development tools like NetBeans, Eclipse, etc.


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