About Us

Who we are

A fast growing woman’s owned IT service provider established in 2004.We work with business and governments in DC metro area. We are experts in a wide range of industries and we bring in specialists from across our whole firm to ensure you get the right team. Our expertise is custom software development and providing turnkey solution in energy, financial services, life sciences and healthcare, manufacturing, government and public services, defence and security, telecommunications, transport and logistics.
Our deep industry knowledge and our skills in consulting, technology and innovation allow our teams to challenge conventional thinking and overcome every obstacle to give you exceptional results. This is not something that ends with the assignment – for 10 years we have shared our knowledge to create real and lasting impact.

Our Skills

BPM : Business Process Modeling & workflow design
SharePoint Applications design & development
Client Server Application design,develop & support
DB and Dataware house design & development
Legacy Document scanning and archival, search engine building
QA, 508 and NIST Control Implementation

Why Choose Us?

We can take care of your entire IT need, starting from Infrastructure Network setup, server setup, building firewall for various zones, Authentication servers, Webservers, DB Servers etc.. as well system analysis, application design & development, deployment and finally application support.

Our Services

  • We make sure that business processes are maped out so the technology can be architected to accommodate it.
  • We work with client to create their daily operational workflow and design software to map business process.
  • Make sure that our IT professionals and business analysts can work together to create more efficiency, less overhead and increased analytic capabilities through effective business process solutions.
  • As a systems integrator, we leverage our technical expertise as essential to the success of any BPM project.
The core of a business is Data and we are expert in building Data stores whether in a flat file or Relational Databases such as Oracle, SQL server, DB2, Pentaho, My SQL etc. We make sure that data retrieval and it's maintenance is perfect for the business and easy to maintain. We are expert in Data collection and building repository & metadata.
With the latest technology we have acquired knowledge of various web platforms to build web applications such as Microsoft's .Net platform, Cold Fusion, Java and J2EE or using RAD Tools to generate code for various platform. We are champion of using the latest Frameworks to make web ultra portable using Ajax, HTML5 and CSS3. We can develop application for small or big screen.
We design and develop Client Server applications for various platforms such as windows or Nix flavour. We Use various application development tools that suites the project.
Microsoft has provided this wonderfull Platform of contect management and document sharing. We take pride in having a fleet of administrators and developers in sharepoint administration, content development, providing single sign-on, linking and integrating all workflow with content and documents. We can design and create lifecycle of a task that moves documents from desk to desk and finally to a searchable archival systems.


  • Address: 8324 Little River Turnpike, Annandale, VA 22003
  • Email: info@casemicro.com
  • Website: www.casemicro.com
  • Telephone: 703 509 2066
  • Fax: 703 436 1311