Software Development

Custom Software Development.

CMS was founded on science & engineering mission critical software applications that solves unique business challanges.We are a collection of experienced software enginners, programmers and expert in business process and enterprise software architecture use Computer aided software engineering tools to provide you best possible IT solutions. We can provide an effective, pridictable, and affordable process for custom software that simplifies your day to day work and saves time and capital investment in software development.

Our Experties.

We are Java application developers and champion in building scalable software products or custom application. We use a variety of development methodologies like AGILE and SCRUM to develop complex enterprise solutions in Java EE technologies such as EJB, JSP, Servlet, JSF, Grails,Hibernate, Struts etc. We have developed several enterprise pplications in Java and helped our clients increase efficiency and roductivity.
We have years of experience in creating and supporting .Net solutions. Whether this is an MVC based web service or .Net 4.5 based web application or even a .Net classic application, we can develop dynamic Data Base solution, Enterprise Frame work or even a simple client server application. We use Visual studio with either c# or VB with ADO.Net to connect to any Relational Database.
We work with organization to re think how they do their work or how one of their core business segment works and what we should do change it to have a dramatic change one of their core buziness area, such as a remarkable improvement in sakes or production etc..
Starting from building share point installation and configuration or even building a new share point Farm and connecting/configuring with your existing infrastructure, providing you a super user administrations support or training your staff to perform Super user tasks for different applications and sites, application development and deployment, we have capabilities and years of experience in building these systems and satisfy your stake holder’s and project need.  We can also setup Office 365 solution on Azure and develop apps if your project require. We use all Microsoft provided tech stack including SharePoint designer and various reporting tools.

Database Design is one of those tasks where we are very careful in getting all the major aspects just right. We live in the age of Data that drives our businesses and economy.  A wrong planning and design will be a night mare especially in the middle of a project. Following are the major Tasks where we pay our maximum attention in the entire life cycle of DB design and development.

  Objects Identification & Modeling.
  Gathering Meta Data
  Just right Normalization
  Proper Indexing
  De-Normalization (If required)

CMS develops Web Services like Restful, SOAP, XML and WSDL using development tools like NetBeans, Eclipse, etc.



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